Secret Tricks of How to Train Your Dog

How to train your dogOne major problem you might have as a dog owner is how to train your dog. While some dog owners would prefer to learn the dog training techniques and do the dog training themselves, others prefer to employ the service of an expert pet trainer and save themselves the time and stress of doing the training. That being said, it importance of training your dog cannot be overemphasized and below are some secret tricks to training your dog and doing that successfully. Some of these tricks are briefly discussed below.

Walk the dog before the training

This is an important tip on how to train your dog. Walking the dog before starting the training session can be described as a form of warming up phase for both the dog and the dog owner. In addition to getting the body set for the training session, walking the dog before the session also creates a sort of bond between the trainer or dog owner as the case may be, and the dog, forming a very good foundation for the training session.

Get the energy out

Virtually every dog has tons of energy which they need to get out. You therefore need to structure the training session in such a way that this energy is burnt and you are able to get the best out of every session. This is one of the instances that make learning the training techniques even more important. Thankfully, there are dog training videos that would put you through on ways of training your dog to ensure he is adequately trained and the session is a success.
Take a potty break before the session begins
This trick is always an important one that helps to ensure that the training session is smooth and almost never interrupted. Every dog owner would always want to have an uninterrupted training session with his or her dog and taking a break before the session begins is a way of ensuring this. This ensures that you do not have your dog taking a poo during the session. It is very important that the break is taken before you start the training.

Treat your dog

Different dogs have different things that work for them. It is therefore important that as you make plans to train your dog, take time to identify what works better for him. If you have a dog that loves to be treated, let him have various treats. Some dogs on the other hand love balls. In this case, have different balls to work with. Variety is the spice of life and it is not any different when it comes to dogs. Having different treats or balls depending on the preference of your dog ensures that the training session is almost never boring and the dog can have some fun even as he gets trained.

Make learning a gradual process

One mistake many dog trainers especially the owners make is to try to teach the dog different things at the same time. Even as dogs can be very intelligent, it is always advised that one skill is learnt at a time as opposed to having the dog learn a couple of different skills.

Train in short spurts

It is advised that you train your dog in five to 10 minutes spurts in order to get the best out of each session. Training your dog should be as fun as possible and having long periods of training would only bore the dog and since dogs get easily bored, it is best that you break the session in short period of between five to ten minutes to ensure that you always have the full attention of your dog.

Keep the dog’s attention all through the training

This is a very important trick to successful dog training and its importance has been established in a couple of points mentioned earlier. The only way to ensure your dog learns from the training is to have his attention. You therefore want to do everything possible to ensure this is achieved.
It is very important to train your dog in order to have a friendly and useful companion and pet in the home. Luckily, the process of training the dog is not difficult and with the option of a pet trainer, it is even easier to have your dog trained with little or no effort coming from the owner.